Basketball For Health And Positive Effect

Basketball is a popular sport where two teams, usually of five players each, play against each other on a circular court, usually with the goal of shooting the ball towards the basket of the other team with the help of the three-point line or free throw line. There are two different types of shots in basketball; open shots and close shots. Open shots are when the ball is in the air and you have a clear shot at making the basket; these are called open shots because there is no defender in front of you or any obstacle in your way to prevent a lay-up. Close shots are when the ball is closer to the basket and it requires your opponent to hit a shot to keep it from going in. The only difference is that in a close-shot, you might not get a chance to make the shot if the defender makes a perfect steal or block.


Basketball is played in an indoor arena or court, and most teams play for a certain period of time, called a game. Most games last around ten minutes. There are also tournaments where professional teams play against each other, usually for money. Winning the championship is one of the biggest prizes an individual player can get, as well as winning a championship for the school they attended.

Being physically active, playing basketball and having a positive effect on your health are just three of the many reasons people choose this sport. Learning how to shoot a basketball is easy and using proper form makes it even easier. When learning how to shoot a basketball, your focus should be on making a long range shot, instead of trying to do a series of quick shots. Using your body correctly will help you increase your vertical, increase your rebounding ability, and have a positive effect on your overall stamina. This sport is not only fun to play, but it is good for your body and overall health.