Introduction to the Sport of Baseball

Baseball is an organized bat-and-ball’s sport played between competing teams that each take turns fielding and batting. The game then continues when a designated player on the field, usually known as the pitcher, throws an object that a designated player on the batting crew attempts to hit with a baseball. When the ball is thrown, the players switch roles, with the pitcher taking the offensive role and the batter taking the defensive role. This switching of roles usually results in an error on the part of the batter.


The American Baseball League or the American League is the only professional baseball league in North America. Major League Baseball is the professional baseball league for the United States, Canada and several Caribbean countries. The MLB has evolved into one of the most popular spectator sports in the world, with tens of millions tuning into games every year. While other leagues have folded in recent years because of increasing television coverage costs, the MLB has stood the test of time, surviving even the recent economic recession.

Professional baseball can be played by individual players who wear different uniform uniforms to distinguish themselves from one another. The objective of each team is to earn points during each game and the teams earn points based on their performance. Home runs are the most important factor in determining the winner of a game; teams score more points if they hit more home runs than their opponents do. Runs scored during a game are also factored into the outcome of the game, with the winning team knowing whether they have enough runs to win the game or not at the end of the games.