An Introduction to Sports

Sports (or physical sport) is any type of generally competitive physical activity that, through organised or casual competitive participation, attempt to utilize, improve or maintain certain physical skill and ability while also providing entertainment for participants, and sometimes, spectators. The most common types of sports include ice hockey, badminton, tennis, golf, basketball, track and field, softball, football and cricket. Certain other sports include Australian Rules Football, Australian Rules Cricket, and American Football. A number of games, such as horse racing and swimming, are considered recreational but also have a significant place in the sporting world.


Competitions in organized sports often require participants to wear uniform clothing; however, most other types of physical contact sports are less rigid regarding the attire of participants. For example, American football allows players to wear virtually any kind of clothing they want during a game. Furthermore, certain sports, such as sailing, have evolved so that they can be played even when wet or rainy.

Sports are categorized according to their locations. In America, baseball and football are the only major sports named after a specific geographic area, although they are far from being the only types of sports. For example, ice hockey and Australian rules football are situated in entirely different regions of the world. Most international sports tournaments, such as those hosted by America, Canada or England, are based on a particular country’s language. Some examples of international sport names include Rugby Union, World Cup, League Cup and the Olympic Games.