Basketball Is Not Just For Males

Basketball is an aggressive sport where two competing teams, usually of five individuals each, battle each other on a flat rectangular playing court with the sole purpose of knocking the ball through the hoop of their opponent while blocking the opponent’s hoop with their own basket. Basketball is a game that is played on a particular court that has two halves; the first half is known as the action or playing time and the second half is referred to as the break or half time. During the action the game is stopped and is restarted when either team gets within three points of the other in an overtime scenario. In basketball the game is played with five players on each team.


Basketball has been around since the late 19th century and is becoming one of the most popular sports in the United States and around the world. Most Americans have some knowledge of basketball due to the large number of professional teams that are based in the country. American basketball is played between two teams that are separated by a neutral ground; there is never any home or away game. A typical basketball game consists of a few minutes at a time with regulation time lasting about ten minutes total. There is currently no standard governing body to regulate basketball activities and some believe that basketball is a skill in itself, thus any rules regulating it would simply create a level playing field for those who play it.

Basketball is an excellent sport to play because it allows you to develop certain aspects of your individual personality. For example, good players learn to be quick and precise with their ball handling skills because it requires fast decisions and quick reactions. Also, learning how to distribute the ball quickly to teammates is crucial because distributing the ball quickly gives you a clear shot of the basket or free throw line. In basketball, you also need to learn how to shoot the ball correctly to get it to its target. By practicing well you can develop your shooting skills and master the fundamentals of the sport which will make you a good team player.