Positive Effect Of Basketball On The Body Composition

Basketball is a game played by many people of many ages, often with great intensity and some degree of skill involved. It has been one of the most popular sports in the United States and is enjoyed by almost everyone young and old. Basketball is a team game where two teams, most often of five people each, against one another on a rectangular court with a goal post positioned on one end of the court. Each team member takes an individual role in the play by attempting to make the basket or pass the ball to one of the other team members.


In the game of basketball the player who makes the most baskets usually wins. While basketball may seem like a simple sport compared to other games of other sports, its rules are very intricate. The sport of basketball involves a great deal of physical activity, and constant movements between the two teams. Most kids, however, enjoy basketball because they can play the game with their friends and it allows them to build their own self confidence and skills through the competition of winning.

For the health of the athlete it is important that they perform a high amount of exercise and basketball provides an excellent alternative. Basketball provides an outstanding cardiovascular-based workout that not only benefits the athletes performance, but also the health of the person playing the sport. Another strong positive effect of basketball that is often overlooked is that it builds strong communication skills, since it is a game where two people must talk to each other on a regular basis. If you want your child to have a healthy body composition, a daily dose of basketball will definitely provide them with a positive effect.