Overview of Baseball

Baseball is a sport played between competing teams that each take turns fielding and batting their respective bats in a game known as baseball. The sport normally goes for three hours but, is often shortened by many matches being played in a single afternoon. When the game is complete, a winner is declared and the match is called” pitched” or” batted” (some sources even call it “pitched and caught”).


A typical game of baseball involves two teams each with ten players on each team. The game usually begins when a pitcher on the winning team, designated as the winner, tosses a ball that a designated player on the losing team, known as the batter, to first base to begin play. Once the ball is hit, an alert is sent by the game referee who starts the play by calling out “umers.” “umers” are the words used to indicate whether the ball has been “pitched” or” batted.”

As the baseball players continue to hit at the ball, it travels from one field to another field before finally reaching home plate where the base umpire signals the hit. On each side of the home plate, the two teams alternate being on offense and defense, with each team batting their respective bats or gloves (called “catchers”) while the other team fields their regular bats and attempts to hit the ball. When a team gets a hit, the corresponding player in the field then receives two points; however, no points are given when a team only attempts to field the ball without batting it. Each team gets two outs during the entire game; any runs scored on either team during a game are also considered one of their team’s innings.