Introduction to Basketball

Basketball is a competitive team sport where two teams, usually of five players each, against one another on a flat rectangular court with the objective of making the other team to score as many points as possible by shooting a basketball past their opponent’s hoop. In addition to this, Basketball can also be played using a ball called a “ball” or “rag” and these are often used in tournaments to play Basketball competition. With the advancement of Basketball into being a very popular sport, more Basketball courts are being built all over the world.

A typical game of Basketball will involve three quarters of an entire half court with the Basketball court consisting of two halves of the court. Each team has several players on their roster that are individually known as “Star” or “zac” for short. The “Star” players are the ones who usually score the most points during the course of any given game. The “zac” players are the ones that need to perform the most difficult tasks when playing defense such as recovering from being fouled out of the game and rebounding the ball.

Basketball, like most sports, has developed its own unique set of rules and specifications that must be followed both by the players and the coaches. One of these is the basket, which is located at the top corner of the basketball court. The basket is usually a vertical weight platform that is about 30 feet high and surrounded by a net. Other types of baskets that may be used in Basketball competitions include open baskets, three-point shots and free throws.