Importance Of Sports In A Human Body

Sports are physical activities and exercises performed in a given sport. These fill the human need for competition, physical exertion and play. All sports are competitive. This is the major difference between recreational, entertainment or leisure, and sports. Sports are an important part of life, a passion for those who love to compete, train and work hard.


In recent times there has been growth in sports for all ages, which have become quite popular like beach volleyball, basketball, table tennis, field hockey, cricket, ice skating, badminton and football. There are many sports that require physical dexterity, speed, endurance, strength and the ability to use one’s mind and body coordination. These are not only games; they help in improving many aspects of a person’s personality. They help build self-esteem, self-confidence and improve the mental toughness of the athlete. Sports help one to remain physically active. This results in improved blood circulation, digestion and muscular control.

Darts is an indoor game played with a dart board, bat and cuestick. It is a great workout for both the mind and the body, and the rules and safety measures are strictly observed. In addition, darts is a good form of recreation, keeping the body fit and toned. This game helps one develop their hand-eye coordination, the spatial awareness as well as helping one develop their physical dexterity, speed, endurance and their own sport spirit.